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Ever wondered why you have never been invited for an interview?

We at Grantsandworks.site have your best interest at heart. We believe it is not enough to notify you about job openings. We want to walk that extra mile, that will guarantee you get that job, with you.

Perhaps, you have been applying for jobs and the highest response you have gotten is an automated message acknowledging receipt of your application. You have never been called for an interview. This could be because of a lot of things. But more often than not, it is a result of the inefficiency of your CV or Resumé or cover letter.

Your CV/resumé/cover letter  are the first impressions you make with your potential employer. They matter a lot. When a job vacancy is announced, there are over a thousand applications sent in. Of course, the employer does not have time enough to go through each application in details. The challenge, therefore, becomes tailoring your document(s) to capture and keep the attention of the recruiter so you get invited for an interview. This is exactly what we want to help you achieve.

With our almost FREE CV writing service, you benefit the following:

FREE Application Guideline.

▪ Exquisite 21st century design.

▪ Unique & appealingly  crafted Cover Letters.

▪ Delivery within 4 days (relative to the collaborative strength of the individual)

▪ Appropriately constructed sentences &  keywords tailored to fit the role/industry.

▪Addition to an online community of fellow opportunity seekers where several other opportunities are posted.

With our exquisite writings tailored to suit your role and industry, be assured, you are one step ahead of your competitors in getting that job.

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Our prices

♢ Students: N3000

♢ Graduates: N4000

♢ Working Graduates: N7000

♢ Express delivery: double the price

▪ Express delivery available (24hours delivery).

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