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Caspar Coding connects tech talent to job opportunities in Europe. Among our clients are the most advanced tech companies.

We are recruiting.

Position: Senior Software Engineer

Location: Nigeria

Job description

  • Are you an African based Software Developer looking for a job in Europe?
  • Would like to apply at the world most tech advanced companies?
  • Are you interested in a well paid job?
  • Would you like to learn and grow in one of the fastest-growing tech ecosystems in the world?
  • We currently have multiple clients in urgent need of senior developers experienced in Java. This is why I am reaching out to you. Hence, If you are skilled in Java and interested in a very cool, well paid
  • opportunity, please got to our landing page and give us your information.


  • If you are an experienced software engineer with an ambition to improve your skills and work as a software engineer in Europe, sign up!


  • After signing up you will receive a coding challenge.
  • The challenge will take about 2-3 hours and it’s the first indicator if you have what it takes to work with our clients.
  • Make sure you choose your strongest skill in the dropdown below.
  • You will receive feedback on your test.
  • Be aware that you can only take the challenge once every 6 months.


  • After submitting your coding assessment and passing it, you will do an introduction call with Derk, our community leader.
  • This is a ‘fun’ call and parts of the video meeting will be recorded.
  • Nothing to be nervous about ;).
  • This video will also be shown to potential companies together with your Codility report and profile.
  • Make sure you have a strong wifi connection during this online meeting.


  • After doing the video call your profile will be ‘showcased’ on the Caspar Coding Platform.
  • Now companies could invite you to do job interviews.
  • The interview processes differ within each company. Some companies will have two normal interviews, one technical interview and an assessment whilst others only have two interviews.

Application Procedure: Click Here to apply online.


  • Please scroll down after the page opens till you see ‘Developer info: fill the form with the information required’.

Good luck as you apply. May the odds be in your favor.

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